Rick Risi
"Low light"

How about the world I cannot read?
how about the texture?
gently unfolds to reveal my inside out,
I shield away from you...

"I'll die in the wind with you"

Every face is a mask!
echoes of the young man's clear voice,
confusion and loneliness
hung above us like skywriting,
the mud beneath the waters,
the blood between the aisles.
We slip away,
I'll die in the wind with you


I look at you and I see my reflection
dark angel
naked in the firelight,
your despicable treat
and yet is sadness,
no regrets,
truth is a never ending journey,
the sky is so strange,
almost solid,
flesh streaming,
the jackal's footsteps,
I twitch,
we are now in our evidence

"The flight"

The world is a weak machine,
I'm hovered at the edges of trance,
I wish you were here to see me
while I reconstruct the stages of my undoing,
everything is so unreal in my traveling,
clouds are drifting away,
a thousand colours below me,
stars seem to loose their place
and suddenly I realize I cannot find peace
by avoiding people

"Eyes of a shadow"

In your nakedness
you are for real,
eyes of a shadow
there is so much of the past that has been unvoiced,
I hide in my wisdom,
look at my hands
a frozen picture
the grey sky above me,
your whispers,
Your truth,
save a prayer for tomorrow,
don't let the beauty slip away,
let your tears be my tears,
and yet there's no sorrow,
I can read the sea below me
nice and sleazy
and then it's just us
and our jazzy living confines
everything turns upside down


Into deep
we sleep
and we're burning down our crucifix,
stealing compassion.
The drought lasted for so long,
feel the breeze
my angel,
we travel at the speed of light,
may you touch a heart
someday, somewhere

"A cathedral in the desert" part I

They're building a cathedral in the desert,
a hundred windows of loneliness,
walls of grey,
the concealment of truth,
voice of a conscience you could no longer obey.
This is my insane discovery,
the light of knowledge,
look out for that unwavering point of brightness.
there were millions of men doomed in early ages
there is only one answer
however far off it might be.
I'm lonely,
steam rising over the plain,
it's like a jigsaw puzzle.
I fall down on my knees
and yet there's no sorrow
only whispers,
the realms of fire,
I let my gaze wander idly over the southern horizon,
the morning promise of a new sky

"A cathedral in the desert" part II

In utter silence
a rectangle of light opens it's side,
the mountain walls
and the river,
words of misery,
I sink down to the world beneath

"A cathedral in the desert" part III

In hell,
it's there where you find all things
and all things empty you.
This unbearable sense of weakness,
a new phase of the moon,
the light show dazzle you,
what is beautiful?
huge notebooks,
fragments and stories
I'm trying to absorb the world and make it lighter.
Obnoxious individuals
drawing the future
like a stark black and white portrait,
they neglect the earth
and the earth forgot them.
How come we slow down
and we let them build the columns of sadness?
it's a bitter crop,
I scream
as we push eachother into darkness,
the cockroach in me wants to speak,
sun's coming down
shaping a new century,
what shall we do?
what shall we say?
open spaces,
I slip away
and I can sense the danger

"A cathedral in the desert" part IV

The big nothing,
my defeat,
my deep dead secrets.
The air is stale, heavy and hot.
We work beyond the limits of sorrow
but sorrow might get into you
and never let go,
in my sleep
I see the work of men
they're building a cathedral in the desert
And they don't talk

"Long gone"

Castles of sand
torn apart,
time slips away
and everything dissolves.
Long gone
in the winter,
world without end


Man in black
conceal your dreams
into another nightmare
can you buy illusions?
I almost have an overwhelming temptation
to shout a string of filthy words,
how much have I lost?
Big city lies

"Broken verses"

I picked my way up the lane
trough dappled light and shade,
the ground was misty with bluebells,
a hand fell lightly on my shoulder,
the sweetness of the air
and the darkness
isn't it a splendid hide-out?
Wandering again the chequered shade
my heart leapt,
everything is filled with a wild hope of strenuousness
and self denial
a sham concealing iniquity
I hate purity and goodness

"A song for Pasolini"

How about a peaceful evening
making objects out of nothing?
I wasn't sleeping
I was crying
why should we remain silent about impure things?
the woman in blue
she feared evil prophecy,
you chide me
you reproach me for my nature.
The sphinx is dead,
we're at the edge of the desert,
what is lust?
Ruins of a city that no longer belongs to you
anguish and alarm,
we've come here to beseech you,
don't cast us down again
your words,
your story


In spite of the endless slaughter
they carry on living
a self contained universe,
the beauty of a fake God,
an unsinkable floating fortress,
an ordinary man.
He dreamed a great deal all through his time,
the power of the telescreen

"Message board"

And the story starts again
halfway through,
you promise me love
like fists from heaven.
Gone in a day
of beauty and sorrow...

"Sisters of misery"

He becomes a man of woe
roaming the streets,
follow the beat,
looking for salvation,
under the tree of life,
over the mystery line,
words of pain carved into the holy stone,
the hedgehog of beauty
and the sisters of misery
desperately searching
the hidden meaning of the mighty number

"A woman"

Every woman has a story,
every story has a woman
and I see you in the morning,
full of strawberries and life
it's like music painting
and your smile never dies

"Philosophical contents and strategies for the new millennium"

Empty box,
white chair,
where do we go from here?
Confucius, Christ, Zarathustra
traveling to the edge of my mind,
snow falls over the city
and I'm waiting to reveal my inside out,
what was fresh and what was rotten,
the boredom,
the anguish of an answering machine,
an obvious song,
stroke after stroke
we're going down
suddenly we're back to reality.
Wild moments,
forgotten dreams,
a kiss on Helga's lips...
we are not losers,
emotions clog drains.
I run
and I'm gasping for breath,
no words to convey,
I choose to hesitate,
unknown numbers in the air
under the wings of compassion,
I stick out my wild tongue
craving beauty,
I don't refuse the nature,
the mouth witch froze my balls off every winter
and then the mighty ship
and the ocean

"Early morning thoughts"

No matter what the priest or plague have done to you
Just carry on your own way,
believing in belonging,
you know the way the things go,
we're stuck in a day

"Quirky night"

He snapped his fingers,
stepping out of the shadow,
the fearful and the beautiful,
life after death.
She shown her face again
cherry moon,
over the surface,
you're losing control


Inconsequential moments,
I'm walking down the corridor,
no time this time,
dreaming of a new frontier,
empty streets
and everything resolves into a black book
where dreams are alibis.
There's no room for sorrow,
doors are open,
an independent station
where my lonely thoughts depart.
You need me,
you don't need me,
divided we fall
and it's fear,
no leadership,
no words,
no "raison d' etre",
something's moving in


Don't speak of wisdom wearily,
speak as a solid rock,
the contradiction of the soul,
an uneven surface,
a woman's mystery


I'm searching for an answer
so late into the night
and the night was made for lovers
the night was made for us.
Tears from heaven ,
decadence of modern times,
future and past.
and the evil flower

"The teacher"

I no longer hate geography and history!
Bartok,, Brailoiu and costantino Nigra
blue eyes behind the smoke
in "Sala Fiorentini"
I'm wasting my lunar inspiration
my bohemian living,
the dawn of a storyteller
debating on the structure of a novel,
north and south.
I'm so scared of your questions
and yet so intrigued,
you cannot sing,
but all around is music,
we dance in 7/4,
all we did and said,
I sank into you,
lost note...

"One glance"

For the million in the cages
that the heart has long forgotten,
to the high ordeal,
for me
the "Voyeur"
and the sins that bind us now
as we fall among the silence


Abducted by your eyes,
wind blows
over the ocean
we rise and fall.
I hang on the twilight,
get out of the water
and search for an open space

"the journey"

Where is my life going?
Barefoot in the park,
the white man's trick,
I talk to my buddy
a killer in the shape of Jesus,
speak out forgotten plans,
beautiful stones
the time of the dead
my peaceful journey

"Interstellar perversion"

Still heavy with sleep,
my fingers in your hair,
dreams of a lost wife,
in blood we disappear,
my tongue on your thighs
awaken with lust...


Night is starless,
day is black,
I walk in the shadow,
searching goods in the dust,
I move into the house of love.
Here it is
the mystery of pain
In the pouring rain

"There is room for love"

There is room for love
in the skies above,
there is room for love
in the hell below,
through the streets of sorrow,
through the squares of silence
there is room for love.

There is room for love
when the pain has no ending,
there is room for love
when you lose your faith,
as the moon is rising
and the sun descending
there is room for love.

There is room for love
in those heartless people,
there is room for love
in a nonsense war,
for the ruthless sniper
and the foolish evil
there is room for love.

There is room for love
when I cannot talk to you,
there is room for love
when you run and hide,
from this empty boat
I'll be waiting for you
just to say
there is room for love...


Calling you,
haunting you,
testing myself control.
Every movement of your body
opens up a new source of outside blood
like frozen moonlight,
make real the unreal,
speak the unspoken.
I've had to stretch my life
into areas bordered with barbed wire,
I do not regret the effort,
the sparkling happiness of the sky
streams into your eyeholes
my discipline collapsing.
I'm here again.
calling you,
haunting you

"Slow motion"

Going down
to the sweet underground,
all around is silence.
My complacency.
These are my hands
full of misery,
future is an empty book


Bring the fire closer
as you never did
and never will,
thousand of cures
for my abandoned heart,
we sing in the wind,
I'm the cynical knight
lost in revolutionary strategies,
the old man hanging on mother nature,
please don't forsake me,
I've been waiting for you
night after night,
dream after dream.
Frozen snot and tears in my eyebrows,
the girls are young,
they crave for lust
and sometimes I wish i could tell
what's in their thoughts.
I'll clear a space in my rotten memories,
nothing's left in between,
the house in the wood
where hate cannot be found.
Snow falls


She never asked what love means,
she just hold her breath
till the night became morning
and the sun revealed human hopes
beyond the cages of wisdom.
Angels fell on her shadow
she whispered,
a ship fading into the horizon

"Ghost dance"

Into the fire I breathe,
the system collapse,
it was made for the plague,
it was made for us,
we dance in the darkness,
we dance in the snow,
we fall...
and the night stand still,
we draw our hearts
into an open corridor,
protection and forgiveness,
the Kingdom of bliss,
get a little closer
under a perfect moon

© 2004 Rick Risi All Rights Reserved